Thursday, November 07, 2013

Hyperbolic title of the day

...but only if you think the metric of success and creativity is how many dollars change hands or how many Twitterers choose to follow you. 

That ties into what I call the pop-radio theory. In high school, I noticed that in most crowd settings (such as fundraisers) the radio would inevitably be tuned to a pop station. This was less about liking what was on the radio than ensuring that no one really hated it. It was a safe choice, in other words. I think the pop-radio theory is true of most pop culture — it has its genuine fans, but just as often, it's inoffensive to non-fans. To criticize it is to be overly petty.

Justin Bieber has millions of absolutely crazed fans and is his own industry. His personal behavior is fodder for the tabloids, but aside from that he's not overly provocative or controversial.

He is far more successful and beloved than I am. I would not trade places with him. Or with anyone else on the list. 

People like what they like and do what they do. As they should. Something should never be popular just because it is popular. There should be something else behind it for the beholder.

Truly good stuff is not always popular or even all that noticed. Sometimes the twain meet, like with the Beatles. Either way, never stop searching for (or creating) something meaningful. Whether it's on the clearest pop station or buried in the most remote depths of static, it's worth the airtime.

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