Thursday, October 31, 2013

Good perspective hunting

I didn't want the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series.

This sentiment was entirely territorial. The Sox were hipster-bearded New England overdogs, with whom I have about as much in common as I do with conservative, suit-clad southerners. 

The St. Louis Cardinals, on the other hand, were the relative underdog in a state I used to live in. Though the Cards have won Series titles in recent years, St. Louis isn't a city swimming in championships after decades of drought, long having lost any and all humility. So that was an easy choice.

On the other hand...

If the scraggly Sox go up against the mandated shavers of the New York Yankees, history's all-time Goliath, I will pull for (and pull) the beards every time. Also, Boston is yet another major American city healing from tragedy.

So I'm bummed, but I can't be too mad. Congratulations to them. Perspective.

I will not say this about the Patriots.

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