Saturday, October 19, 2013

Condensed soup for the listicle-addicted soul

Back when I cared about that sort of thing, I once wondered aloud, "Why don't more people read my blog?"

The nearest person to me at the time replied, "You write way too long. People have busy lives and don't have time to read and comment." Thanks, Mom.

She's right, of course, if this hilarious site is any indicator of American attention spans:

I like BuzzFeed, but the site above makes a great point about the almost sublime vapidity of much of its article/listicle things. Let's be honest; they are getting dumber. Hurr remember Saved By the Bell and pants?!! Yeah, I do. Saved By the Bell still reruns on TV and many of the actors don't even look that different. And I'm wearing pants right now. Well, no, I'm not — but I could be, that's my point.

And that's all for today. There isn't much more than that since I took most of my pictures and documents out of my hard drive. Pop culture reference!

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