Sunday, September 08, 2013

The shockiest part of culture shock

One of the hardest parts of living far from my native base is apathy/hostility toward the New Orleans Saints.

Duh, right? It's Reno. Of course they worship Colin Kaepernick. They're 49ers fans to begin with, and he went to college here. I've already met one guy who has his digits.

(At least the Niners are good. In Missouri, I had to miss Saints games and conversations at a time when they were running the table and the Chiefs and Rams were/are wallowing in misery.) 

But it's sad in another sense. The Saints mean so much to south Louisiana. When New Orleans was underwater, the team became a rallying point for the city, a metaphorical and literal symbol for rising up. And part of that was that we'd stuck with the team for 40-plus, mostly losing years. Resilience.

Mention Drew Brees here and you might as well be talking about your socks. And sometimes, they'll hate your socks.

Otherwise, I really like it here.

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