Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Republicans in Congress

I imagine you fancy yourselves the New Orleans Saints of the federal government right about now, given how they shut down the Miami Dolphins tonight. 

You're not. You're an 0-4 team that decided to shut down the league rather than concede that you lost. And you want us to love you for it, when we really wanted to use those game tickets we worked so hard to pay for. 

Here's some advice: Instead of trying to do to the government what Bane did to the Gotham Rogues' stadium in The Dark Right Rises, maybe draw up a functioning playbook. 

Good teams light up the field. Bad teams stink it up. Few burn the field and shoot the lights out, and none would get away with blaming it on the other team.

All of these government shutdowns at your hand show just how inept you are at teamwork and acknowledging the rules of the game, let alone being any good at it.

Grow up.

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