Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Belated Labor Day wisdom

I spent my Labor Day at King's Beach along North Lake Tahoe in California. I swam in the icy waters, ate a delicious pineapple chicken sandwich at a shoreside diner and realized how much wet sand looks exactly like a case of the runs.

Later in the afternoon, I strolled up to a corner of the pier and stood there for at least half an hour, totally zoning out to these waves. It might have been the highlight of my day.

I'm lucky to be so close to Lake Tahoe (this was my fourth trip there — and my third beach — since moving here a month ago). But everyone has a place where they can zone out. For me before this, it was an ant pile. I love watching ants live and work when I want to relax and clear my mind. The beach isn't bad for that either. 

No matter where that place is, though, everyone needs to recharge once in a while by doing absolutely nothing apart from just being. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and find that place. There's always time for it, and it might make your time last longer.


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