Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A blog about Miley Cyrus ... sorry

When I hear "Miley Cyrus" and/or "twerking," my mind filters them out in the same way it does terms like "e-commerce," "reality TV" and other words I can't list because my mind won't even tell me what they are for fear of death by boredom.

The MTV Movie Awards "scandal" wasn't even click bait for me. I have yet to watch Miley's supposedly provocative performance, and the pictures I've seen of it suggest I'm not missing anything.

My take on the performance, though, is that it did exactly what it needed to. In this day and age, no performance of that scale and caliber goes wrong by accident. Real celebrity spontaneity is found on Twitter and forums like it (and sometimes even that is highly calculated). The whole world has been abuzz about Miley ever since. That's ultimately good for her career.

Everything else about it is lame. Miley Cyrus is 20 years old, attractive and was born into the entertainment industry. Did anyone really doubt that when she hit a certain age, she wouldn't want to be a squeaky-clean tween idol? When has that ever happened before, except every time?

But I admit I'm biased. I think twerking is more desperate than sexy. It's also become trendy lately (meaning, ironic white people found out what it is), so it's possible Miley did it as much to jump on the real-life hashtag wagon as to lamely assert the fresh commodity that is her sexuality. 

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is, who likes this sort of thing? Or, more specifically, who isn't bored by it? To each their own, I guess. 

Now I'm bored. I should probably write about Syria or Andy Samberg or something.

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