Sunday, August 25, 2013

When the children are teachers

Soon, I will have an Internet connection wired up at my apartment. Until then, I get most of my wi-fi fix from my apartment complex's swimming pool.

For the past two weeks, I've tapped this locale for considerable Facebook snark. Much of it arises from the middle-schoolers who act their age, as well as drunk adults who act middle-school age. Also, in a class by himself, this guy.

The pool, and the playground next to it, get a lot of traffic from younger children as well. As I type this on a Sunday evening, several children are playing merrily in the brisk Reno wind. At one point, they appeared to be engaged in a Smurfs game.

Curmudgeons often complain that kids these days are too buried in technology for their own good. At times, that's true (and it isn't just children, to be sure). But it's a fallacy to think that good old playtime doesn't happen anymore. These kids are running, climbing, riding bikes, building drink stands, imagining, socializing and laughing as surely as any kids before them. 

Even better, they're behaving. No one's fighting, cursing, bullying or getting hurt. There doesn't seem to be any outside structure, or even that much adult supervision (granted, this is a pretty safe place, and the parents are probably watching from their patios). Oh, and it's racially diverse.

I wish more adults were watching. They could learn something from these kids.

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