Thursday, August 29, 2013


BuzzFeed has a new "Community" feature, which (as you might expect) has been quickly co-opted by conservative political hacks. AlterNet is steamed about this, mostly out of a sense that BuzzFeed is a liberal haven. But I think that complaint's off the mark.

My issue with this feature — or anything like it — isn't political. It isn't with the open nature of it, nor is it opinionated interpretation of the facts. I also don't care about pandering to the supposed audience. It's that the "facts" aren't true. If they aren't, I don't care who is saying what.

BuzzFeed is hardly the New York Times. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't strive for accuracy just like any information outlet interested in building integrity. Reporters aren't supposed to lie. Editorialists aren't supposed to lie. Advertisers aren't supposed to lie.

Be stupid if you must. But be truthful too.

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