Thursday, August 08, 2013

Shocking football news of the day

Filtering everything out of this involving the usual trappings of pro football, media sensationalism and the complete lack of surprise here, I still have something to say about this.

I've reiterated more times than I can count that Bill Belichick is the Dick Cheney of the NFL — terse, secretive, standoffish and with just enough success to justify both traits in many people's minds. Unlike with Cheney, though, even Belichick's biggest haters generally agree on his success as a coach (which, even accounting for Spygate, is extensive). He's not my favorite personality type or coaching type, but he is who he is and it works for him.

It's not particularly newsworthy that a former player said his relationship with Belichick grew rocky over time. Again, that's football and that's Belichick. It's interesting to hear Welker's take on it, but it's hardly headline material.

But it does bother me to read some of the reaction to it. Every comment thread I've read had at least one comment that said something like (I'm paraphrasing), "If Welker would buck up and grow a pair, maybe he wouldn't get his widdle feelings hurt." Others called Wes a pussy and other epithets that are epithets if you're sexist.

That is inexcusable. 

As I said, I'm no fan of the overly macho, stoic, growly attitude that defines Belichick; I go out of my way to avoid people with those personality traits whenever I can. But I doubt even he would condone such bully bluster from people. Part of it is the anonymity of the Internet, but I've also encountered plenty of people who are outwardly that way. I guess it's their attempt to emulate the Belichick attitude, and it's a pathetic attempt. They should know the coach would probably not be proud.

If his interest waned on one of the best receivers in the game, what could he possibly think of those armchair quarterbacks?

Knowing him, it's probably not much. I don't either.

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