Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not the Sharpiest law in the shed

Setting: Checkout line, Cheap-Mart, Reno.

Scene: Two young parents are purchasing SHARPIES. IAN is standing behind them.

CHECKOUT CLERK: “You are 21, right?”

YOUNG FATHER: “Yes, we are.”

CC: “You aren’t going to draw on anyone’s faces, are you?”

YOUNG MOTHER: “No, we’re not.”

IAN: “You have to be 21 to buy Sharpies now?”

CC: “Yes.”

IAN: “Twenty-one? Eighteen, I’d understand. But 21?”

YF: “I know!”

CC: “If you had kids in school these days, you’d understand.”

IAN: “But what if you’re a college student and you need a Sharpie?”

CC: “Then you’re in trouble.”

IAN: “If you’re old enough to fight in a war, vote and buy cigarettes, you should be able to buy a Sharpie.”

CC: “I agree with the rule. You can’t be too careful.”

Oh, yes you can.

I’ve never been one to complain about the “nanny state,” because regulation is often a good idea, and those who want it least are typically the best arguments in favor of it.

But Sharpies are not beers.

Maybe it’s time to address chemical addiction as an underlying problem rather than making it harder to buy anything that might have something in it that could lead to a high of some sort. Especially school supplies.

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