Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Must-steer-clear TV

When did Fox News become default viewing in every public place in America?

This isn't a political question — at least, not really. The channel of choice in communal spaces used to be ESPN. Even if you don't care for sports, it's hard to hate ESPN. Whether with volume or muted, it's perfect atmosphere TV. 

Fox News fails in that regard. At best (when muted), it makes for terrible atmosphere TV. At worst, it's divisive, factually dubious partisan fare. Everything like it tends to be avoided in mixed company. So who decided that it had to replace sports everywhere?

When businesses blare the radio, for the most part they adhere to safe hit stations. The object isn't necessarily to attract music aficionados so much as to avoid irritating anyone. I'd say flipping on Fox News is like blasting a divisive genre of music like country or rap, but those forms are often likened to the CNN of their respective camps — and Fox News is no CNN.

And it's certainly no ESPN. Hear that, lobbies of America? 

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