Monday, July 22, 2013

Talk about a twist

Good for him for helping those people. ABC's account suggests that he did so as a bystander and not as someone looking for extra press coverage. I can respect that.

But that's all there should be to this particular story. Anyone wanting to hold it up as proof that Zimmerman was a good guy all along should reconsider. I don't doubt he has a compassionate side, even if it's overshadowed by a tragic zeal. But I still think he wasn't held properly accountable for his admitted killing of an unarmed teenager. 

That said, the threats against Zimmerman are equally zealous. The system says he's a free man, at least for now, and two wrongs won't make a right. Place the blame where it belongs: with the legal system, not the man.

Either way, this story isn't a game-changer. It simply is what it is.

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