Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Rules

Rule #235: Race to judgment
If you're about to share an "unreported" story of black-on-white crime as a way of exposing the bias of the media, don't. This goes double if the picture shows the assailant heading to jail. The fact that such a picture exists is proof that it's nothing like the Trayvon Martin case. It's also telling if the crime is considered a "hate crime" when no suspects have been arrested. As determined as you are to make that point, you should at least have a story that backs it up (not just one you wish did).

Rule #236: Fantasy football
Everything the pundits are saying about the upcoming NFL season will eventually be ridiculously outdated. No one ever gets it right. Take it for what it is: time-killing conjecture by people who should get more into baseball.

Rule #237: The first rule everyone can agree upon
Spinal cords and nerves should be able to regenerate.

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