Wednesday, July 03, 2013

An offer I can refuse

From time to time, as I've chronicled before, I get unsolicited e-mails from "freelance writers" regarding Not Right About Anything and their desire to offer content to Not Right About Anything for the enrichment of readers of Not Right About Anything.

Today's offer was a unique business deal from someone with a famous name who is not her:

I am contacting you to see if you would like some fresh content for Not Right About Anything. If so, I would love to contribute to your site. ...

Because lack of fresh content is clearly a problem on this blog. 

This content that I would like to produce for Not Right About Anything would come at no cost, if I am able to mention one of my business clients. Any link to them would be subtle and in line with the content of the article. All my work is 100% original and would only be submitted to your site for approval and nowhere else.

So to recap, she will write the blog equivalent of an infomercial for her personal profit; I don't get anything but the privilege of not paying for it, aside from a ghostwritten blog that makes me look like a sellout; and this original masterpiece is doomed to the level of obscurity the readers of Not Right About Anything have come to expect from Not Right About Anything. Seems like a sweet deal all around!

Not Right About Anything. Where wheels meet deals.

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