Monday, June 03, 2013

This one is just ... is "odious" the right word?

Did you hear the joke about why Ben Affleck can't eat M&M's? They keep falling through the holes in his hands.

That joke doesn't work, does it? No. Because Ben Affleck isn't known for having holes in his hands. In fact, his hands are very famously hole-free. So making fun of him over the way he eats M&Ms is pretty stupid. And it goes without saying that the person telling this joke shouldn't have holes in their own hands.

That's about the best way to explain this Twitter exchange:

Of all the stereotypes you hear about liberals, it's rare to hear that they're book-stupid. Brainwashed Obamabots? Absolutely. But as far as education goes, the typical stereotype is that liberals are overly intelligent without being smart — textbook academics with no idea of how the real world works. That they're too cooped up in their ivory towers learning pretentious words and killing God with science to bother with common sense and real folks.

If anyone is associated (fairly or otherwise) with illiteracy and limited vocabulary, it's the tea party. From the easily debunked talking points to the misspelled protest signs to the dripping contempt for public education, it's not difficult to mock a tea party Republican for not knowing what "odious" means. Even if most of them do know the definition, it's still a passable premise in a broader sense. But joking that even a college-indoctrinated, intellectual liberal doesn't know the meaning of "odious" is like, well, joking about Ben Affleck eating M&Ms. With holes in your hands.

Jokes are far funnier when they reflect reality. Pressed for any clarification, the Bunny simply replied, "Nope." She holds this half-truth to be self-evident.

Is there a word for that? Oh, yeah. Odious.

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GDad said...

I've noticed that there are quite a few people on the RW sites that use the word "Dumb-o-crats" (with variations on spelling). Perhaps these people have started to believe their own effluvium.