Friday, May 31, 2013

Not Right is now 9

Nine years ago at this very moment, I was sitting at the family PC at my parents' house creating the blog that you see before you now. On impulse, I set up a Blogger account shortly before midnight, wrote up several initial entries and played with the template until about 6 a.m.

Nine years later, I'm ... one room over. It's been a rough year. But at least I'm on my own Mac laptop now. And in between I've lived out of state, moved back in state, been all over the country, loved, lost, won, hurt, stopped hurting, started hurting again and have had to reassess my direction several times. This blog has opened doors, slammed doors in my face and undergone long periods of disinterest. When I set this up on June 1, 2004, I hoped it would help elevate me to an illustrious writing career. It has not done that.

What it has brought me is at least a minimal audience I wouldn't have had otherwise; some friends I might not have met another way; and I probably wouldn't be as consistently prolific and creative. Even if this leads to no traditional metric of success, it's still something. And it's always a treat to look back ... well, sometimes. Some stuff I wish I'd written differently. But such is life.

I hope I can look back a year from now, on this blog's 10th anniversary, and say things are going a lot better. In the meantime, I'll continue to seek self-improvement and steer into a better position as best as I can. That's a lifetime commitment.

I need to do better. And I will. That's a promise.

(Oh, and I'm happy to report that my blog passed the 3rd grade. It nearly got expelled and charged with a felony for its loud science experiment, but hey, test scores!)


Mustang Bobby said...

Congratulations, Ian, on a fine job, a great sense of humor, brilliant (and envy-inducing) writing, and for being a friend.

I wish you many more years... and maybe that big break in Hollywood.

Leigh C. said...

Mazel tov, Ian! Life does have its ups & downs, and chronicling a life takes persistence & not a little chutzpah (example: Anaïs Nin's freaking long diary). It'll get you through. Be well & keep on keepin' on.