Wednesday, May 01, 2013

This makes me want to keep on driving

It's hard to decide what is stupidest about this newly viral image:

• That some people think it's real;

• That a lot of people desperately want it to be real;

• That people really think the state would approve such teabag verbiage on any sign, let alone a welcome one;

• That such a sign would be even fractionally legible at highway speeds;

• That a sentiment summarized as "I wish a mofo would" in any way reflects what makes Louisiana special;

• That the graphic artist couldn't resist a shoehorned dog whistle at the end — just in case you weren't sure where the writer of this sign stood on the political spectrum.

When asked why they love visiting Louisiana, most people will tell you the culture and the food draw them here. I'm not aware of anyone saying, "I like to visit because all the armed and standoffish conservatives itching to be heroes make me feel safe."

The day that does become a draw, is the day I zoom past the back end of this sign.

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