Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I have relatives in the news

I'm sharing the video below not just because of the hilariously awkward "I'm an atheist" exchange that's lit up the Internet, but because I know Rebecca Vitsmun. She's my cousin by marriage. (But the "I'm an atheist" moment, at 7:46, is indeed priceless.)

She and I aren't close, though I spent a lot of fun times with our mutual cousins growing up. We did attend the same college at the same time and hung out a couple of times. And we're friends on Facebook. That's enough for me to know that she's very cool. (I didn't know she lived in Moore, though. She's moved around a few times, as have I.)

I like especially how she handled Wolf Blitzer's question with honesty and open-mindedness. And in Blitzer's defense (what an awesome pair of words), his question would have been fine with 99.9999 percent of Becca's neighbors. I thought they both played it off well. And I'm glad she and her family are OK.

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