Sunday, May 19, 2013


(My humble contributions to the Twitter meme)

The My Way or the Highwaymen
For-Profit Medicyndi Lauper
Let the Eagles Soar
Wings Take Dream
Joe McCarthy and Wingnuts
SUV Halen
Inhuman League
Panic! It's San Francisco
Fortune 500 Maniacs
Victoria Jackson Five
Right Winger
Tower of Glower
Glass Ceilings & Croft
The Prima Donnas
Morose Days In Due Time
Not Yes
New Border
Roberta Frack
Kings of Peon
Soft Sell
Pink Slipps, Inc.
Litter River Band
Gary Puckett & The Union Busters
Was (Never Was)
Standardized Test Dummies
Heavily Edited Exposé
Big Brother and the Hypocrite Company
War ... of Northern Aggression
Impeach Boys
Charlotte Church and State
Trans Fat Boys
Chyld Stallyns
Rebecca Token Black
Spite Girls
Fall Outsource Boy
The George Bush Blues Explosion
50 1 Percent
Average White Fans
Gall and Cutthroats
Dream Eater
Sugar Reagan
All Eyes Blind
The Gimme Hundreds Experience
Deadeye Dicks
Overreach Boys
Butthole Birthers
Chicago Style Politics
Foster the People Into Hating You
There Might Be Defiance
Filibuster Poindexter
Boy Meets Girl ... Period
Not So Many Men at Work
Three Dogma Night
Birther, Windbags and Fired
Conserving Berlin
Plain White Tea Partees
Ben Ghazi Five
Foreigner Go Home
Bachmann Turner Diaries Overdrive
The White Gripes
Jesus Police
Grand Junket Railroaders
Meredith Crooks
The Melissa Etheridge Disinformation Society
OD on Talk Radio
Hooey Lewdness on Fox News
Hannity 6
Michael Steele Wheels
Without Warrant

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