Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sue Everhart watches dumb comedies

In yesterday's blog, I asked how marriage was natural in any sense. My question was inspired by Sue Everhart, chairwoman of the Georgia Republican Party, who said that it was "not natural" for same-sex couples to be married.

Everhart is also worried that granting benefits to same-sex couples would compel roommates and/or buddies to hitch up to share insurance

Well, not only is that fraud, but it's also the plot of I Love You, Man and an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so that cat's been out of the bag.

Also, who's to say that hetero couples don't do exactly the same thing? I suspect it happens more than people think. And just like with quickie Vegas hitches, celebrity stunt marriages and reality-show Bridezillas, the bond through insurance has failed to cheapen the institution of holy matrimony. I guess only gay marriage could accomplish that, based on what Everhart and Co. tell me.

What Everhart fears isn't entirely imagined. In fact, it's something we should consider. Why would anyone willfully adopt the trappings of marriage with someone they don't love just for the insurance? The short answer is, because of the insurance. Many people who need it, don't have it. The reason for that is that access to decent insurance is often elusive to people — it requires money, which requires a job, and both can be hard to come by these days. Meanwhile, the risk of being sick always remains, along with the companion fear of being wiped out as a result. In light of that, I can fully understand why a handful of desperate people would consider marriage just for this purpose. That doesn't make it right, but how right is the alternative?

If Everhart really wanted to curb fraudulent marriages, she'd stop watching silly comedies and get to work on reforming health care. I'll be over here holding my breath.

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