Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pun-free title for Sprint Cup shooting post

I'm not going to spout the expected snark about this. Any death is a tragedy, especially suicide.

But I can't ignore the reported fact that Texas law forbids bringing firearms into the racetrack. It seems antithetical to the guns-equal-freedom stance we so often hear these days — not to mention, antithetical to the reputation of Texas law.

Someone apparently realized at some point that weapons capable of discharging lethal projectiles had no business in public venues that routinely draw tens of thousands of spectators. And enough people in the legislature of the nation's second-largest state (and first-largest in terms of Second Amendment sacrosanctity) agreed with that person to make it the law of the land. And rightfully so.

The irony here isn't that someone died of a gunshot wound at an NRA-sponsored event — that's actually not ironic at all. No, the real irony is that the event was subject to existing and sensible gun control. And no one had to die to make that point.

On a similar note, the NRA declined the prominent sponsor placement typically associated with bankrolling such races. Both the racetrack gun laws and the NRA's down-low decision are tacit admissions that the lust for a firearm anarchy isn't as practical — or palatable — as many fantasize.

In other words, even the NRA knows the NRA is full of it.

When will their apologists finally figure that out?

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