Monday, April 01, 2013

A good question about matrimony

What is natural about any form of marriage?

I'm asking because in point 1 of this article, Georgia GOP leader Sue Everhart is quoted as saying, "it is not natural for two men or two women to be married."

Well, that's technically true, I suppose. There's nothing natural about proposing, announcing an engagement, purchasing artificially expensive rocks on rings, sending out invitations, establishing a gift registry, holding a wedding and reception, sharing legal rights and all the other trappings that come with the institution of matrimony ... when two men or two women are involved. But all of that is encoded in our primal DNA when it involves a man and a woman, obviously.

True, some species mate for life. OK. But how many of them have churches? Or courthouses?

Marriage is not natural. And that's perfectly fine. We have a lot of artificial, societal constructs. They serve a variety of purposes that make people happy and make life as a citizen more smooth. As such, it is an institution that should be open to any consenting adult couple who desires it and is free to enter into it.

To suggest that gays can't be married because it violates nature shows ignorance of both marriage and the prevalence of homosexuality across species. It is, in fact, as unnatural an argument as can be made.

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