Sunday, March 10, 2013

The shame of white pride

I’m glad I don’t have “white pride.”

From what I can tell, 95 percent of white pride is bitching about the two or three privileges that whites don’t have, all of which exist to compensate for centuries of white oppression. And 99 percent of the other five percent is sneering defiance of those who are so mean as to make racism some kind of hate crime.

I’m not proud of being white, just like I’m not proud of any aspect of myself that I can’t help. Real pride arises from what you accomplish in life, because you do control that. I don’t know if there’s an inverse correlation between inherited pride (race, region, bloodline, etc.), and accomplishment pride (family, career, charity, education, etc.), but I suspect there is. The former is negative in the sense of, “I’m better and/or persecuted,” while the latter is positive: “I made this wonderful thing happen.” I’d bet that most people who complain about other racial groups haven’t done much of note in their own lives. There certainly aren’t many white supremacists who’ve ever done anything of non-racist note.

White pride is about as negative as it gets. It’s also as stupid as it gets.

Affirmative action is the perfect example. White-priders claim that this is government-mandated prejudice, completely missing the irony there. They ask where their affirmative action is. Well, it’s in America, the land where white people always have a built-in advantage in every situation. I may be a liberal in the Deep South, but I still have to open my mouth or bang out a blog for anyone to realize it. No one sees it on my face when I walk into a store. No one throws out my résumé at the sight of my name (it usually takes a paragraph or two). I can walk up to any white racist anywhere and be treated civilly, because I look like they do. I didn’t have to fight for years just so employers and admissions counselors would even consider my people for positions. That’s because “my” people were at the wheel from the beginning. And that’s why there’s no affirmative action for whites. (And why there’s no White History Month, White Congressional Caucus, white advancement organizations or anything else that a majority people never need.)

Sensible white people know that while there’s no shame in being white, there is shame in white pride.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the boat.
White pride is alive, and well, you're out of topics, your tee off time is up now therefore adieu.

Ian McGibboney said...

Allow me to address every relevant point in that comment.

Anonymous said...

How long is affirmative action going to last ? And affirmative action isn't just for blacks .

Also I'd consider white pride to be different from white supremacy / dominant .

White pride is also a reaction to jew supremacy , black pride , mexican pride , etc , etc

Of course personal accomplishments mean a lot but having some pride for your race isn't a crime ... unless you white .

Don't thank so do a social experiment get a white pride shirt and put it on then go walk around some places , malls and etc .

Blah , blah , blah ... here is and idea post this on stormfront and argue with them .

Ian McGibboney said...

All pride is a reaction. Minority pride is a reaction to persecution. White pride is a reaction to minority pride.

I'll take pride in doing over pride in being any day.

(And no, I don't plan to debate Stormfront on anything. They do their thing and I think it's pathetic. What is there to debate?)

Anonymous said...

I'll take pride in doing over pride in being any day ... well that's cool . But could you not also have pride in both .

Ian McGibboney said...

I don't have shame in being white, certainly, but to me it's not a source of pride. I was born white; it wasn't something I did. It's just part of my identity, like being a guy. And to be a guy, I don't have to be resentful of women.

The Mouse said...

Well, when the white population hits minority levels in the U.S., such as in South Africa and whites become the target of hate crimes, I don't think being proud of being white will be such a bad thing, but of course, we will have to wait until then for it not to be a "racist" thing anymore. As a blatino male, I personally don't see anything wrong with being proud of being white. Only white liberals suffering from white guilt or black white-hating racists seem to have a problem with it.

Ian McGibboney said...

I saw a great comment once that addressed the majority-minority thing. It said something like, "Why are you afraid of being a minority? Are you afraid you'll be treated like one?"

I doubt there will be a big backlash against whites when they become the minority. First, because most people of all races are decent and intelligent. Second, because white privilege in America runs deep and isn't going to vanish just because whites are no longer the plurality. In the remote case such oppression does happen, it will be due to failure by the oppressors to remember the lessons and pain of the past.

Equality (as I've said about feminism as well as race) isn't about having your turn to engage in brutal behavior; it's about improving the future. That can't happen as long as people take pride in things they cannot help. That's my point in the first place.