Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Settling on a fair price

You know what? I can get on board with this one.

We hear a lot from the conservative corner that "Freedom Isn't Free." It's one of those universal truths that's been hijacked in recent years to, among other things, justify a horrific war in Iraq.

But the sentiment, stated this way, isn't so bad. The first part, especially, is one I'm glad to see the conservatives posting this getting behind.

After all, economic prosperity doesn't happen in a vacuum — it requires a societal and economic structure that allows people not only to be successful, but also to protect what they've earned. Both of those actions require maintenance of the involved infrastructure. That requires regulations, law enforcement, education and many more public works, funded by taxpayer monies. In recent decades, however, many of the richest people (and corporation-people) have done all they can to shirk that responsibility and accountability. They've succeeded in a lot of ways, leaving us teetering on the economic edge (and with themselves holding most of the cards). They've also been successful in convincing many of the people they're screwing to see their way by appealing to greed and ego. The result is a deep divide between rich and poor, made worse by the rampant notion that it's every person for themselves.

So I'm encouraged to see at least some people come around to the need for the nation's biggest exploiters to do and pay their fair share. Responsibility and accountability! 

That is what they mean, right?

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