Tuesday, February 19, 2013

They're just asking for this

For the past two days, this hashtag has been trending on Twitter:

I hijacked it a couple of times, as people tend to do with hashtags. But when I got to one idea of mine, I decided to stop. I was going to say something like, "BENGHAZI! "

But then I remembered Poe's Law, and I have a reputation to protect. 

Seriously, check out that hashtag link. It proves, in spades, my longstanding theory that conservative political humor cannot be funny. Not only is it excessively mean, it's like they picked buzzwords off a partisan list and saladed them together (which is what most right-wing humor is). The most common joke is about how bullets are faster than a police call, which wasn't funny the first time.

Also, it's incredibly degrading toward women. Not to mention, based on false outrage toward a comment that everyone knows wasn't misogynist — but for which Joe Salazar apologized anyway — for which conservatives apparently thought they'd put him in his place by being 10,000 times more sexist, vicious and bloodthirsty than he ever was.

George Carlin once said rape could be funny. But his bit mocks the "Eh, she was askin' for it" mentality. He didn't joke about rape — he ripped those who make excuses for rape.

I'm sure the GOP will solve its woman problem any day now.

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