Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII notes

• I pulled for the Baltimore Ravens. My dislike for the San Francisco 49ers is strong, but not as strong as it is for some other teams. If the Saints couldn’t represent the NFC, at least the 49ers would promise an interesting matchup. Neither team had been in the game for years, so it was a nice change from the usual Patriots-Giants-Steelers dominance. Even though the 49ers can kiss my ass for their playoff win over the Saints last year (and the karma-free swagger while they did so), I wouldn’t be too upset if they won this game. With the apparent exception of Chris Culliver, the 49ers seem to be on the right side of gay acceptance, and Colin Kaepernick is hard to not like. Also, they knocked off the Falcons, so there’s that. So either way, I’d be OK with the outcome.

• That said, the power outage nearly drove me to despair. It amused me at first, inspiring me to crank out numerous jokes on Twitter. Many locals considered it an act of revenge or, at the very least, culture. But as it carried on way too long, it reminded me of how Entergy also often knocked off power to my half of my apartment complex in Baton Rouge. It began to seem like a poorly timed fluke at a time when many Americans still think New Orleans is an unstable city. And, worst of all, it simultaneously sparked the 49ers and tucked in the Ravens.

I was going to be very upset if the power outage so cleanly and directly turned the tide of the game. If the 49ers had rallied for any other reason, fine. And I doubt anyone was really that sad to see the game get interesting. But if the game had remained 100 percent Ravens before and 100 percent 49ers after, it would have seemed fraudulent to me. Games aren’t supposed to swivel over things like that. It would have been one final middle finger to a state beset enough with crumbling infrastructure and corruption. So I was glad to see both teams get competitive near the end. It was exciting, and would have been no matter who won.

As if to underscore my point about faulty infrastructure, I abruptly lost my Internet connection at about 8:40 p.m. and couldn’t reconnect until right as I wrote this sentence at 11:38 p.m. I’m sure many friends and followers were grateful for this, but it sucked not to be able to express myself at a time when I had a lot to say.

• In any case, the Ravens won, which was the outcome I hoped for to the degree that I cared. Let’s dispense with the Bill O’Reilly logic right now — rooting for the Ravens is not the same thing as supporting murder. Ray Lewis hasn’t acted particularly innocent since having been cleared of any role in the deaths of two people during a fight with his entourage — but neither do I think the bloodthirsty court of public opinion trumps the court of law. The legal system works a lot like instant replay — both require proof beyond a reasonable doubt for guilt or for overturning a call, respectively. In the eyes of the law, Lewis has every right to pursue his profession, and he remains a fan favorite. I realize that’s a sticky issue with many, but the 49ers have Randy Moss, so maybe it’s best just to leave all that out of this.

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