Saturday, January 05, 2013

The pros and cons of packing

A lot of pro-gun people of late have shared stories of good guys with guns preventing armed madmen from engaging in murder sprees. They're also painting President Obama as a hypocrite because he has his own team of armed escorts.

Of course, virtually all of these stories involve intensely trained professionals — the man who stopped the San Antonio theater rampage was a police officer, and obviously the Secret Service is the epitome of expert security. Neither of these stories, and scarcely any others like them, serve as examples of Joe Q. NRA fulfilling his holy Second Amendment duties.

I ask everyone still high on the idea of armed citizens to consider who they'd rather have protecting the president — (remember, you like the president in this hypothetical, so think of George W. Bush or Reagan if Obama's not doing it for you) — the Secret Service, or concealed-carry civilian vigilantes?

Because there is a difference. Whether or not you'll admit it, you just noticed it. On some level, your brain decided the Secret Service was a better option because, hey, training. 

So maybe, just maybe, the distinction between pros and amateurs matters when talking about firearm defense in America. It's time for everyone to own up to that.

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