Friday, January 04, 2013

# Tea Party Comeback Movies

(To be released by 20th Century Fox News)

Facing the Science

Independence From Facts Day

Maximum Bachmann Turner Diaries Overdrive

Liar Learning

The Passion? Christ

Rat Racists

No Compromising Positions

Birth of an Abomination

Legends of the Paul

Terry Jones and the Kingdom of the Thick Skull

Gone With the Whine

War Trek

Not 2012

Friday After Next After Next After Next After Next, Probably Maybe?

Stand By Tea

Word Salad Days

Secondhand Lyin'

The Jeremiah Wright Stuff

Alex Jones and the Daft Crusade

Lynyrd Part 6


Throw Granny Under the Bus

We'll Always Have Pauls

Rise of the Planet of Hate

2010: The Year We Made Up Context

Meant It Black

The Loonies

Terms of Endearment (Honestly, They Say It Among Themselves!)

Children of a Glenn Beck God

I'm Gunna Git You Subsidies

Bridges of Nowhere County

Wes Craven's Nugent Nightmare

War of the Poseurs

No Shades of Grey

Sad Sax

White Men Get Jumped

John Q (Gets Tazed For Demanding Free Health Care)

Anger Unchained

National Lampoon's Fiscal Cliff

Apocalypse? How?!!

Up In (Tobacco Lobby) Smoke

Chick-Fil-A Delphia


Very Few Good Men

Guerrillas of the Euphemist

Being Wrong, Malcontent

Fiscal Cliffhanger

Illegal Alien: Resurrection

Birther Nation

The Remains of Your Pay

Debt Poets Society

I Know Who Shilled Me

The Best Little Kochhouse in Texas

Orly You

Ulp, Fiction

Birth of a Certificate

Forrest Trump

The Man Who Shot Liberty

Even Weirder Science

My Own Private Idaho (and South Carolina, and Texas, and ...)

What's Eating Gilbert Grape? It Better Not Be His Boyfriend

Life is Beautiful (Arm Everyone)


The Stupids 2

Debbie Drills in Dallas

This is 47%

Tremors (Because I Can't Afford Medication)

Brokeback Fountainhead

A Very Anti-Brady Sequel

Stop or My Mom Will Shoot Because That's the Point of America

The Nightmare Before the War on Christmas

Harold & Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay Criticism

Boyz N the Hoods

Pretty Woman (Slut Had It Coming)

9 to 5 (But Paid Like 12 to 2)

O Brother, Cut Art Funding

Easy Chick-Fil A

Conspiracy Just A Theory

Weapons Aren't Lethal, People Are Lethal 4

Dumb Guns 2

Revisionist History of the World, Part I

Notting Hillbillies

Sweet Home Somalia

Favela Young

Live Free and Lie Hard

Jindal Fever

Saturday Night Filibuster

Jurassic Park (Goes Against the Bible)

The Last Temptation of Avarice

Final Think Tank Analysis

Julie and Julia (Both Make Less Than Frank)

Two hours of the Men in Black Neuralyzer set to 2008

Anything starring Victoria Jackson with soundtrack by Pat Boone

Weekend at Bernie Madoff's

FreedomWorking Girl

Citizens United 93 

9-9-9 1/2 Weeks

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to Wreck It

Goldline Member

Cry Persecution

Signs of a Lesser God

The Island of Dr. Paul

Home On Your Own

Jowls: The Revenge

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GDad said...

Birth of a Certificate

That cracked me up.