Friday, January 04, 2013

Real Golden Rule stuff here

I just read something so jaw-dropping that I had to share it. This person is not my Facebook friend; I found her post in a Christian group. You know, the religion that teaches not to judge, cast the first stone or treat others differently than you want to be treated:

There's a lot wrong here. Let's tear through the low-hanging fruit real fast:

• No one HAS to get married.
• One does not have to be atheist to support gay rights.
• Marriage is not simply about procreation.
• Plenty of heterosexual marriages are all about lust.
• The planet isn't exactly hurting from lack of humans.
• No one's telling gay people they can't have kids except the homophobes.

Now that I've got those out of the way, I want to focus on what to me is the most offensive aspect of this diatribe:

That, in order to fulfill God's wishes, gays have to live a lie.

It's one thing to insist that homosexuality is a choice or the result of abuse. That lends some logic to the idea of transformation — stupid, incorrect logic, but still something. This woman apparently accepts that sexual inclination is natural, but thinks that gays should suck it up and submit to an unnatural way of life. You know, for the children.

One of the worst things about any religion is the way it attempts to subvert nature. And for what? To please those who lie awake at night worrying who others love? I'm sure this woman would happily change her entire life if someone else disapproved, because that's what godly people do, right? What a crock of arrogant crockery.

Like I often say, the people who claim to speak for God are usually the farthest away from God.

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