Friday, January 18, 2013

Polly want an original thought

I should liveblog the very loud conversation these people next to me at the coffeehouse are having. But it would be too overwhelming. Also, way too boilerplate, because they sound like they're reading Tea Party talking points.

It's interesting to listen in on a group of people so convinced that what they're saying is true. I'm not saying I'm immune to that, by the way. But I like to think that when I am (or anyone else is) among like-minded people, the choir-preaching is at least based on facts. Facts that we've thought about and about which we have original thoughts.

Whenever I hear people in my age group say, "Blah blah blah DEBT CLOCK blah blah blah PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY blah blah blah SOCIALISM blah blah blah YOU NEED TO SEE 2016 blah blah blah," I don't even feel like it's a real conversation. It sounds so phony and parroted. (Liberals are also not immune to this, but at least there's usually some heart behind it.)

Whatever political beliefs you have, I hope you speak from your mind or heart and not simply recite the outrage du jour.

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