Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Please stop shooting people at school

So there was a shooting at Lone Star College in Texas today. No one was killed, but three were injured.

According to initial reports, two guys got into a fight on campus and at some point both pulled out guns and shot at each other. No reports have surfaced of any brave, armed heroes stopping this.

Guns always escalate a confrontation. If knives or rocks had been involved, we would be hearing about bystanders possibly suffering scrapes or nothing at all — not that it would be worth a news story in the first place.

Of course, this will ultimately change no minds. "This happened because it was a gun-free zone!" "No one died, so it was OK!" "It was yet another conspiracy to disarm law-abiding Americans!"

Or, the richest one of all: "People who fight will find ways to fight!" Yes, people will always find ways to fight. But not every way escalates it to the point of endangering themselves or innocent people. 

Maybe we ought to look again at "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." When it comes to guns, the third one cancels out the other two. We deserve safe schools and other public places. The Lone Star College shooting shows the folly of allowing people to carry on campus. Pro-gun logic would seemingly dictate that two armed people would lead to a zero-bullet standoff; instead, it led to two shooters. Who's to say a third, or fourth, or fifth, weapon would be any safer?

None of the usual pro-gun arguments make this OK. And none of their solutions will make this go away.

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