Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hassle back

When you write as much as I do, it's inevitable that you're going to lose something sooner or later, no matter how many safeguards you take.

It's been happening to me since before I owned a computer. Once in sixth grade, I spent hours writing a homework assignment, only to have it (and all of my papers) blow out of my backpack from a freak gust of wind, through a fence, across the football field and into the back road behind it. 

The paper in question was a dialogue I wrote where I was extremely discouraged about something, and Michael Jordan explains to me how he never gave up despite being cut from his high school basketball team. Perhaps drawing upon that lesson, I frantically rewrote it during a class before the one in which it was due. It was rushed and diluted and nothing like the masterpiece I'd written the night before, but it did the trick.

A year later, I typed up a report for the social studies fair (topic: the Beatles) on my mom's office computer. We didn't have one at home, so I was awed by the marvel that was WordPerfect and the dot-matrix printer. Though she tutored me in the software and I was also taking a computer class at the time, I was unaware of one minor thing — the need to save. I spent three hours typing nearly the entire report before accidentally deleting the entire thing. Because I also didn't know how to recover, Mom had to take the wheel while I dictated the entire handwritten draft to her. 

It's happened many more times since then. Usually because of some random fluke or because I somehow forget to save. And every time, it feels exactly like getting kicked in the ribs — I just sit there waiting for the paralysis and fury to subside.

I hate to retype something from scratch, especially when I recall most of it. Because then my OCD kicks in and I want to remember all of it. Usually the end result turns out better, but still. STILL.

Point is, it happened tonight and I have to do it again. And there's nothing I can do about it. And sometimes when you're kicked, you want there to at least be a foot for you to kick back. Or something.


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GDad said...

A similar incident from 1997 leads me always to click Save before clicking Print.