Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Bigot humor falls flat AGAIN? The devil, you say!

This is the official shirt a taco joint in South Carolina makes its employees wear. It's one of those jokes that's downright HA-LIRIOUS if you're incredibly racist. But of course, even racists know it's terrible to be openly racist, which always leads to admirably acrobatic backpedaling:

“Our t-shirts were created as a witty and comical statement regarding ILLEGAL immigrants. There are NO racial nor hate remarks towards any specific ethnic group. Taco Cid and its employees are not racists,” the statement continued. ”As most tax paying Americans, we do believe ILLEGAL immigrants are taxing the system we support and live under, thereby, causing us to work harder and pay more taxes in support of their illegal activities which our government has simply chosen to look the other way. Is it racist to disagree with those who are not supporting the American system?” (NBC Latino)

Well, duh! Of course it's all about illegal immigration! After all, note the lack of immigration documents and tax forms in the T-shirt graphic — that's about par for the course with illegals, isn't it? Perhaps the tacos represent the aging process, encapsulating how we all feel more like shredded beef and brittle corn with the passage of the many years required for naturalized U.S. citizenship. The stick holding up the box represents job creators promising cheap labor, with the box itself serving as a metaphor for the futile claustrophobia that is low-wage employment in the U.S. — or maybe it's a symbol of big-box stores. And that rope represents the border, which pulls tight once the Mexicans have nabbed the taco bait and — you know what? That's still racist as hell.

Then again, I'm one of those people who sees racism in everything racist. So what do I know?

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