Thursday, January 03, 2013

And don't invite me over for dinner

Somebody said something on the Internet, and it went something like this:

If you had a sewage backup in your home, and the waste rushed to the ceiling, would you vote to raise the ceiling? Or would you rather pipe the shit out?


First off, if sewage can back up so badly in your house that it even comes close to reaching the ceiling, then you should strongly consider living in someplace with a government. Clearly, the do-it-yourself drainage ethos isn't working in Rand Land.

Second, taxes aren't liquid shit; they're more like rivers. Sure, you might find some turds here and there, and sometimes you have to divert or dam them, but mostly they allow life to happen. And you'd miss them tremendously if they just evaporated one day.

So much of the anti-tax zealotry in this country really does assume that taxes are sewage — as in, they serve no vital purpose and we should just wash them away. No wonder it's so hard to have an adult conversation about taxes.

To that I say, caca.

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