Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scary has a new synonym: Scalia

Talk about doubling down on the crazy...

• Legislative bodies can ban what they believe is immoral? I'll remember that when I'm in office. Mayonnaise better watch out. It's icky and it's not specifically condoned by the Bible!

• Homosexuality is not tantamount to murder or anything like murder. That's like saying, "If I can't hate mayonnaise, how can I hate the Holocaust?" 

• "I'm surprised you aren't persuaded." Also not surprising: that Scalia's so arrogant he wouldn't even try to persuade.

• It's well known that Scalia is a strict constructionist when it comes to the Constitution, which means he doesn't consider it a "living document." But to say it is "dead, dead, dead" is overcompensating. Unless by that he means that, to him, the Constitution doesn't matter anymore. That wouldn't surprise me. And he would say it like that. See the point above.

• But then he says his (his?) Constitution "is flexible" when it comes to ruling on abortion and the death penalty. OK.

Figures this guy would be the only Supreme Court justice in history with an obedient clone.

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