Sunday, December 09, 2012

Maureen Dowd NAILS it

Who would ever have thought blacks would get out and support the first black president? Who would ever have thought women would shy away from the party of transvaginal probes? Who would ever have thought gays would work against a party that treated them as immoral and subhuman? Who would have ever thought young people would desert a party that ignored science and hectored on social issues? Who would ever have thought Latinos would scorn a party that expected them to finish up their chores and self-deport?
This is what happens when people are so high on themselves that they think everyone else is equally high on them. Conservative white aristocrats view themselves as the pinnacle of all that is right and proper, and never consider that anyone might disagree. They also rarely consider that anyone else has inherent merit, instead believing that others actively live a lie. Because certainly no one could actually subscribe to feminism, diversity or non-Christian philosophies! No, they're just agitators. Or jealous.

It's a very convenient way to think when thinking is your enemy.


Anonymous said...

Neurotic and pyschotic awards blogger Sasha Stone ( calls Maureen Dowd a troll because Dowd didn't publish a comment she made. I've watched Sasha Stone on her blog and twitter page call people trolls just because they disagreed with her on a topic or else stood up to her and many of these people had a genuine argument and or response. Truth is, Stone acts more like a troll than she even realizes. But to call everyone a troll who disagrees with her, even those who are advancing their true beliefs, is to let genuine trolls off the hook. So Miss Stone, have a look in the mirror next time you decide to call someone a troll because from what I see you employ all the tools of a troll and act as bad as any genuine troll. I mean look at your blog post about Miss Dowd! Its troll fodder at its finest. You are just a blogger and Columbia Film school dropout wannabe filmmaker who never had the balls to make a film and thats all you will ever be, so how about let a REAL journalist do their job and maybe realize that not everyone likes your commentary or even your blog. I for one can't stand you, your blog, or your attitude. It seems like you spent more time during this past election trying to convince everyone that you were a political expert because as you stated" I read everything therefore I know it all" but truthfully you come off as a troll with your condescending and venomous remarks to others who simply had a genuine opinion. The truth is you don't know squat about politics and yet you ran around like a giddy little school girl with all of your "expert political commentary" Maybe you should concentrate on awards and films and leave REAL reporting to the people who know what they are doing. And maybe, just maybe, grow some balls and make a film.

Ian McGibboney said...

Maybe you should direct that to her instead of me. It's so bot-like of you to do otherwise.