Monday, December 31, 2012

Hunger Games - The Best of 2012

Oh boy, 2012. Whoooweoooo! What a horrid year for me. Except for Barack Obama sailing to re-election, the Ragin' Cajuns winning their second consecutive New Orleans Bowl, my trips to Washington D.C. and New York City, the birth of my niece, doing background acting in multiple movies and a TV show, writing a novel or two and blogging as much as I ever have, not a lot happened for me in 2012. Really, the only things that didn't go my way were the Saints' 7-9 debacle, not finding a new full-time job and lots of other small things that often left me depressed. It was one of those years where people remind you to be grateful for a roof over your head and other things Brad Pitt never hears. Oh, 2013, you are looking lovely. 

Anyway, I wrote so much this year that I broke it up into five separate segments, and most of them are too long. Enjoy this look back at the year through my eyes. Hire me! I mean, thanks for reading.

My favorite musings about society and attempts at humor

Blogs about controversial issues and wacky real-life politics

The United States went and put on an election this year.

Impassioned words about athletics and weaponry

Stuff about myself and my glorious movie career

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