Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Can't imagine who they're worried about

All credit for this image goes to its creator, because I sure as hell don't want it.
The image above presumes a lot of facts not in evidence:

1) That 11 snipers on top of a school building is in any way desirable, assuring or effective;

2) That the answer to gun violence is always more guns;

3) That most, many or any schools in the U.S. have the budget for their own private Secret Services, or that our finest law enforcement and military professionals have the time and desire to regularly man these posts for free;

4) That no U.S. president before Barack Obama ever had children attending school under intense security;

5) That it's somehow a travesty that the president who has endured possibly the most hate ever from armed extremists feels the need to protect his children from a uniquely high threat of harm.

That last point is particularly important. Right now, the biggest threat all Americans face is gun violence from fellow citizens. And while all gun owners aren't unhinged gun nuts, unhinged gun nuts are increasingly the face of gun owners. And, be it racism or Republicanism, most of them have no love for the black, Democratic president. If gun owners want to regain respectability, considering why the Obama daughters need 11-person security teams would be a fantastic start.

In the case of the Obamas — or any first family — it makes sense to have a thorough security detail. But it's not the answer for the masses. I hope it never is. Just like the gun nuts claim, people kill people. And it's past time for a certain armed segment of people to own up to their threats and behavior.

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