Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You need to stop saying...

“Can we get this election over with already?”

I’m sorry, is politics boring you? Is it making you uncomfortable? Do you find it irrelevant? Maybe you’ve been approaching it the wrong way. Think of it this way: the election determines the leader of the free world. And in most parts of the country, that’s the least it will do. So maybe you should at least see what the hoopla is all about. This goes double if you’ve talked about any reality show this year as if the stars are friends of yours. You want to feel like part of something? This is it!

“They’re both the same anyway.”

Yeah, in the sense that a paper airplane and a 747 are both planes. What you’re really saying is that any broad comparison is sufficient grounds for dismissing both candidates. And what I hear is that you’ll take any excuse to not have to pick a side, because picking a side is for unhip sheep. Or something.

“They should have let other candidates in the debate.”

Because the debates are about letting principled people speak, rather than who has a legit shot at winning the election, right? I know it’s a travesty they didn’t allow the Contrarian Turd Party on stage, but if they let everyone on who had an opinion, not a lot would get said. Or is that the idea?

“Why can’t the candidates be more civilized?”

For the same reason most shows and stories involve fights, crime, backstabbing, explosions and/or something missing — because conflict sells. And any political campaign involving two opposing philosophies is, by definition, conflict. There can be too much conflict, sure, but there can also be too little. A campaign where the candidates are civilized and never clash would be the most boring thing ever. It’s hard enough to get people to pay attention when it’s interesting, so who’s to say that would be better?

“The latest polls say...”

Let me tell you about polls. A pollster can ask you, “Did Mitt Romney exceed expectations at this debate?” You can be a dedicated Obama voter and say yes to that. That same voter could also agree with the statement, “Obama did not give me confidence in his first debate.” So, keep that in mind when you read the latest poll. (Also, polls can be partisan and/or unscientific, just like people.)

“Mitt Romney won the second debate.”

Only if he already won you.

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