Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Semi-measured thoughts on the debate

• Obama was flat, overly deferential and seemed tired. Still, he had the truth on his side.

• Romney was relaxed, but he was slinging bullshit. Few specifics, several long-discredited lies and one really telling line about cutting PBS.

• Jim Lehrer made the replacement NFL officials look good. He let Romney run roughshod like the corporate bully he is, while Lehrer tamped down on Obama every chance he got. I sensed a few leading questions in Romney's favor as well.

• Anyone who thinks this will tilt the election is short-sighted. As hard as it is to imagine now, this debate will be forgotten in a few days. They're sugar highs and 24-hour viruses. They're never as good or as bad as pundits say they are. That's always how I feel about debates, by the way. 

• Speaking of sugar highs ... boy, are the Romney supporters flying high tonight! Some are saying this confirmed their choice, as if there was any doubt. I think, more than anything, they're grateful to celebrate any kind of win in this cycle. 

I say, fine. If it takes a relaxed cadence of lies and an inability to follow basic rules of decorum to win something that ultimately won't matter, then Romney won tonight. Too bad for him that tonight is not Nov. 6.

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