Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Another thing

What's with the backlash against the debate on Facebook? I feel like 95 percent of the posts there involved how much they wish they could turn off all the comments (even more than usual). Seriously? Because 90 percent of the shit you all talk about on Facebook can be distilled into these six things:

• Instagram pictures of food;
• Heightened emotions over the outcomes of TV shows;
• Pictures of LOLcat zombies with puns;
• Sports talk;
• Your babies;
• Pleads for votes for your babies in a baby contest.

So I apologize if my (and everyone else's) comments on one the most important events in our democracy, the presidential election, irritate you. All I ask is that you treat it the same way I treat anything of yours I find uninteresting: by scrolling on.

Thank you.

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