Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And neither is lunch

So a house in my neighborhood has this sign in their front yard, next to their Romney-Ryan placard:

Now, I've never been much for the slogan, "Freedom isn't free." Though true in principle, the phrase — as is the case with so many like it — has been hijacked by hawkish conservatives as justification for endless war and, ironically enough, erosion of freedoms. For them, America is a nightclub where the cover charge is your civil liberties in exchange for security. Proper dress and ID required.

Freedom isn't free. But according to this household, it used to be. Which means that prior to whatever point God needed to step in to save the country, these people said with confidence, "Why yes, freedom is free." Then one day, it became not free anymore.

I can only imagine what day that was. Gee, golly.

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