Saturday, September 01, 2012

Long division

One of my friends wrote this morning that he's never seen the country more politically divided. In a sense, he's right; political differences seem to lead to passionate fights in a way they didn't in, say, 1988 (or even 1996).

So what happened? 

The way I see it, the far-right faction of the Republican Party has cast anyone to the left of them as un-American and even treasonous at times. They claim the mantle of patriotism for themselves, as if it's possible for an American to not be a patriot. They will never raise taxes on the rich even if it's the sensible thing to do, because they consider that socialism. They do all this while trying to roll back protections for women, gays and minorities, and further stratifying the economy for the benefit of their rich backers. 

Everyone else criticizes them for those actions.

So, yes, there's heated division. But let's not pretend to two sides are equally divisive. Or even split down the middle. 

I hope that doesn't come off as too divisive.

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