Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Cover Review: The 4% Solution

Any book that starts off with, "Foreword by George W. Bush," is promising from the start. Just as every profound intellectual journey must avoid peaking too soon, so too does every riveting football season need a preseason to get its act together.

The 4% Solution comprises proposals to unleash the economic growth America needs. It's awfully benevolent of the George W. Bush Institute to offer these solutions, considering the stunted American economy was their bad to begin with.

And yes, apparently there is a George W. Bush Institute. Its symbol is an American flag shaped like an open book. I'll bet they had to explain that shape to The Decider.

There are more George W. Bush jokes about giving 4% (and about solutions) than I think are polite to put here.

Brendan Miniter edited this book, which probably consumed his life force because, hey, foreword by George W. Bush.

The cover looks like a cereal box. One of the healthy fiber cereals whose commercials feature jogging women, not Boo Berry as the motif should be.


Anonymous said...

Being on the front lines during the Bush years, I witnessed how the Democrat controlled House and Senate force fed bad policy setting us up for our current condition...Something not talked about that should be.

Ian McGibboney said...

Maybe you should parlay your expertise and write that book. Call it, "The 4% Truth."