Thursday, June 21, 2012

Using tea party logic...

... The owner of this truck is un-American.

Don't count me among the many laughing at what's apparently the end of one man's cross-country quest to spread the gospel of the Mitt Romney campaign. This guy drove more than 40,000 miles following the candidate around in his worn-out pickup, enduring both cheers and vandalism, and living cheap in the process. I'm no fan of Romney, nor of anti-Obama fanaticism, but I give credit to Jim Wilson for making such an effort. The campaign eventually embraced him which, given his everyguy image and constructive criticism, it frankly needed to do.

Mostly I feel bad for the guy. So I hope the tea party people don't give him crap for the American flags he threw on the ground. You know that if this had been an Obama supporter, they'd post this picture everywhere as proof that the driver hates America. And also that he wants to destroy Chevrolet. And is a hypocrite about saving the environment while belching black smoke into the sky. And they'd probably laugh and say how it's a sign from God. And how those coolers probably had beer and pot in them. Haw haw.

I know the tea party won't do that. Not this time. Snopes can rest easy. Or, at least, not add to their already-astounding work flow.

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