Friday, June 01, 2012

I nearly coined a word!

According to this blog by big-shot wordsmith Barry Popik, I am the second known person ever to use the term "assassiversary" in print. I did so on this blog back in 2005: Happy JFK Assassiversary!

Popik: An “assassiversary” (assassination + anniversary) is the anniversary of an assassination.

I used this made-up word having never seen the first attributed use; it just popped in my head when writing that blog. Fast-forward seven years, and The Daily Show is using it to mark one year without Osama bin Laden. That's four references now. (A Google search for "assassiversary" yields eight results. Eight. Contrast that with about 12,000 for "fsgadfg.")

Elite, illustrious company. 

I'm so excited by my place in etymological history that I'm going to coin an all-new word for how I feel: unemployed. Also, extremely available for more wordsmithery.

Call me, Jon! Or at least pay me back royalties for what you (nearly) stole from me.

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