Friday, June 22, 2012

Debbie Schlussel and her terrible direction

When talking about politics and/or religion, I often come across someone who says something to this effect:

“Read this and you’ll understand.”

The implication being, of course, that my failure to agree with them is based on the fact that I haven’t read something — and obviously I haven’t, because I am not 100 percent, unquestionably converted to their view. Pretty powerful stuff.

Almost to a person, these types skew libertarian politically, or Christian religiously (though most who lean those ways are not like this). It’s no surprise, then, that these are generally the same people who freak out anytime someone expresses a differing view.

Debbie Schlussel is one of those people. CenLamar turned me on to this inspired mind-turd of hers, in which she accuses a member of the boy band One Direction of attempting to convert fans to militant Islam. Or, as she puts it, “pimping Islam on your kids.” (Can you pimp on someone?)

Well, he is pimpin'. Clearly.
So how is Zayn Malik attempting to perpetrate his mission of jihad against the Western world? By showing off his Arabic tattoo and also by wearing clothes! And by tweeting Muslim platitudes such as, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the prophet of God.”

Oh my! WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR JIHAD? Oops! Almost had me for a second there! See?!! Glad Debbie set me straight! Like milk on a spicy tongue.

That sucker in his mouth is us.
Seriously, it’s insanely stupid to equate Zayn’s words to terrorism. I’m sure Eric Rudolph said, “Praise the Lord Jesus” when planting his bombs, but that doesn’t make it a battle cry. It’s a declaration of faith — nothing more, nothing less. Zayn doesn't strike me as a bomb-planter. If he is, he’s going about it pretty badly, what with being famous and beloved and peaceful and all that. More likely, he’s simply stating a tenet of his faith, just like Judeo-Christians do all the time.

Schlussel is upset because she thinks anyone who reads Zayn’s tweets will automatically convert to Islam. Judging by her own words, she seems to think she can counteract him if she invokes God/G-d enough times. Can you imagine if our minds — and faiths — were really this weak? We’d all convert several times an hour! And no one’s beliefs would mean anything. There’d be no point in having any.

In a way, it makes sense. People who are insecure in their beliefs are averse to examination. They can’t stand the slightest challenge to their views, because they know (at least subconsciously) that they lack a firm foundation. Perhaps they even fear that they will swing to an opposing point of view with all the fervor that they currently possess. That has to be frightening for them.

Paranoia makes for a boring world. Open-mindedness and critical thinking make it beautiful.

I wish Debbie Schlussel would read this and understand. After thinking it through, of course.

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