Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another boring dream blog

Yesterday, I had a dream that someone assigned me to drive a school bus. It was packed with adults, many of whom were my neighbors, and I had to take them somewhere. I had no idea where to go or even if it was time for me to leave the stop — and also I fretted about not having a CDL — but I hit the gas and pressed on anyway.

I've never driven a bus before, but it felt to me like just a larger cargo van. It handled OK, though the brakes were not as responsive as I expected and I nearly hit some guy and a cute girl on rollerblades. (In my defense, both darted out in the street just in front of me.) I then entered a tunnel, emerging in a big, busy metropolitan area. I made a left turn, after which I realized I was flying blind. So I stopped and yelled out, "So, where exactly are you guys headed?" (Apparently, my unfamiliarity with the bus spread to lack of awareness of the microphone.) To my surprise, several people said, "You're at our stop," and everyone got off.

This happens a lot in my dreams. I never know where I'm going, but I always get precisely where I need to be. What does that mean?

Don't answer that. I know exactly what it means.

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GDad said...

I think it's more noteworthy that your dream involved a bus and a tunnel. But that line of humor is so old that its mold has mold.