Monday, May 14, 2012

Here's an idea

Since the richest brackets in this country are the "job creators," and want extensive tax breaks for the sole altruistic purpose of creating more jobs, this is what we should do:

Give every tax break back in the form of vouchers. Allow the "job creators" to apply that money to the employee or employees of their choice. It's certainly a better idea than the current, broken system of tax breaks we have that amounts to a giant black hole of lost revenue.

This solution combines two terrible Republican ideas (vouchers, tax cuts) with the chance of redemption for both. The only drawback would be that the wealthiest Americans would actually have to use the money for the purpose they claim they need it for. That alone would kill this idea right away.

The idea that rich people as "job creators" deserve deep tax cuts is very anti-free-market. Their tax breaks involve a defunding of the very government and public works that "job creators" use to get rich — in other words, it's a handout. Give that same money to people more likely to spend it, and it becomes a stimulus to the economy, which is a more organic form of job creation. When economic inequity leads to people being too poor to spend, the economy suffers. Tax breaks for the rich may give the rich more money, but it has no inherent value for the economy. And that's the best-case scenario; at worst, it has an adverse effect. And that's because tax breaks for the wealthy aren't used to create jobs. If they were, we'd have the most thriving job base in our history. But the truth is nearly the exact opposite.

So yeah, I don't see why we don't police the hell out of these tax breaks like we do with all other government aid.

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GDad said...


Except don't give them actual vouchers. Make them keep their receipts and submit them later, kind of like those mail-in rebates for phones.